Generate Your API Key

To start consuming our APIs, you would first need to register for a Mashape account. Next, subscribe to the plan of interest on mashape and you are ready to go.  Once you are subscribed, the API keys would be available via your mashape account (look for ‘X-Mashape-Key’). You can test the API’s from mashape or directly integrate the APIs into your code.


To allow companies, academic institutions and developers the freedom to pick and choose endpoints that they need, we made our pricing structure simple. You choose a monthly subscription plan on Mashape based on your usage, and you will have access to all of our APIs.

Research & Trial Tier

We offer generous free per-day requests, so if you are an infrequent, research or seasonal user, you don’t pay a cent unless you exceed the daily allowance.

Code Integration

Visit our API reference to start integrating our text mining APIs with your code! If you need help with the client wrapper code, you can get started with pyrxnlp. If you have technical questions, please feel free to ask a question or contact us directly.